What your Will WON’T do

Your will can do a few necessary things – and you should have a well-crafted will.  If done correctly, it will distribute family heirlooms and name a guardian for your children.  But did you ever wonder what a will WON’T do for you?

1.     Your Will won’t distribute some types of property.  To distribute assets from your retirement account or investment account or the proceeds of a life insurance policy, you must make certain that you have correctly designated a beneficiary.  Your beneficiary designations supersede the instructions in your Will.  Also, if you own property jointly with someone else, you cannot distribute that through your Will.

2.     Your Will won’t provide for your long-term care.  If you want to prepare and provide for your long-term care needs or you must provide for a family member with special needs, a Will is not adequate to protect you.  You will need guidance to establish a trust and/or invest in a life insurance policy.

3.     Your Will won’t diminish Estate Taxes.   Your will won’t help you address estate taxes (taxes are determined by Congress and your state and are subject to change).

4.     Your Will won’t provide for your pets.  Pets cannot own property.  The right way to protect your pets is to establish a pet trust and/or designate a caretaker for your pets and provide funds for their care after you are gone.

5.     Your Will won’t avoid probate.  If you have assets that exceed a certain dollar amount, your estate will have to be probated which can be costly and the costs will diminish the amount that is distributed to your heirs.  Probate is public, so anyone can access the details of your estate.

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