After making my checklist for planning and having Traice make hers, we realized we need to help our families get organized – even those resistant to making plans.

Please start to discuss with your parents, even if they are resistant.  Let your parents know that you are worried that if something happens to them, you will not know what to do unless you get into conversation about it.

Notice that I’m not suggesting that you tell your parents (friends, family, clients) what to do or demanding anything from them.  Instead, it’s about getting vulnerable with them to let them know that if something happens to them, you won’t know what to do.

If you are willing to be honest and confidently vulnerable, it is your best chance for them to meet your desire and to break through any resistance they may have.

Please do share this with anyone who may need support talking with their parents or others and let them know they can follow me for continuing support in this area, and on the question of how we, too can prepare our own assets for whatever comes down the road.

When you reach out to your parents, make sure that they are staying put, have what they need and that they’ve got legal documents in place naming the right person to handle things, if something happens to them.  Make sure that you or their appointed person, know how to access their assets easily.

Make sure you have that for your loved ones, too, whether you are a parent or not.

I’m attaching a link in this post for a webinar on March 27th at 1:00 p.m. to support you through all of this.  This webinar is hosted by well-known estate planning expert, Alexis Katz.

Click here to register and attend

If you see this and want financial organization or legal information for yourself/your parents, please comment here so I know it’s wanted, and so other people see it too.  You can also contact us at 480-949-6500 or visit the website at Truestlaw.

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