Online Wills? Should You?, Part 2

Are you thinking of doing an online Will?  We’ve previously discussed how a poorly drafted will could cause your intended administrator to get a bond and may well land your family in court.

Today, let’s consider your family dynamics and how they can be forever impacted by poor drafting.  Imagine your family if you did your will and you omitted an important asset, say your family cabin.  Could this lead to turmoil as your family tries to figure out what you wanted?  The law will make an assignment for you and it may not be what you wanted.  So now your beloved cabin, where memories were made for your family, is in the wrong hands and your legacy will not continue.  When making your online will did you take into account all of your extended family and your step-children?  Could your personal and sentimental items end up with someone other than your children?

Think about it.  We all know someone who has lost a family relationship after someone dies and the family ends up in a huge fight.  Maybe it’s even happened to you or in your own family.  The consequences can be both emotionally and financially devastating.

None of this is necessary.  The online will planners don’t get to know you or your family.  Even if they have lawyers on staff, they aren’t spending enough time to know you and your family dynamics so that they can spot these types of issues.  The online process is focused on a one-size-fits-all solution to complex questions.  The answers are not always easy when it comes to family dynamics.

This is where Truest Law comes in.  We have specific training in how to educate you, empower you, and support you to make the right decisions for the people you love, while we get to know what really matters to you.  Visit our website at or call our office at 480-949-6500 to schedule a time for us to talk. We generally charge $750 for a Family Wealth Planning Session.  However, because this planning is so important, we have reserved the first two spaces at no charge for the first two people who mention this article.

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