If you’re a parent, you’re probably feeling guilty right now.  You’re now trying to balance your full-time job and your childcare and your child’s (or children) education.  That’s three jobs!

Even before the virus you were probably feeling guilty because your full-time work obligations get in the way of being there for your kids.  Is your guilt compounded by the additional responsibility that was piled onto you by the pandemic?  Let’s alleviate that guilt.  They don’t always acknowledge it, but your kids see how great you’re doing.  They know you’re doing your best.

Here are a few unconventional ideas to shift that guilt:

Name legal guardians for your kids.  If you cannot take care of your kids, let us help you legally document who will take care of them.  Making these choices is a great first step in getting a legal plan in place for the people you love.  For the rest of May 2020, Truest Law is offering guardianship nomination forms for Arizona Residents at no charge.

Quality Time doing … nothing.  Is your time with your kids high quality?  You may be too tired or overwhelmed to make big plans like you used to do for “quality time.”  How about taking 15 minutes and hanging out doing nothing?  Maybe you could even stretch it out to 30 or 60 minutes.  It may be the best time you spend all day.  Time truly is the best gift you can give.

Talk.  If you’re stressed, your kids probably feel it.  This is a great chance to connect with them and show them your vulnerability.

Sometimes being a parent is just plain hard, but it has its rewards.  The little one who hugs you, just because.  The son who would never hug you in public but who makes sure he checks in before heading off to bed.  The daughter who calls to ask your advice on how to make that one recipe she is craving.  All those small moments that lead to a life well lived and lasting memories are made by one choice at a time.  Your children are watching.  They feel your love.  They will remember the little things, the way you did your best. No guilt allowed!

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