Should You (or Your Parents) Be in the Stock Market Now?

Are you connected with the holdings in your retirement or other accounts?  If you inherited accounts, do you follow them for growth and management?
I heard this story from a colleague.  After her grandmother died, the accounts went directly to her mom without incident due to proper estate planning.  Great!  No court.  No conflict
After that, her mom did not look at the accounts for over four years.  When they did look, the learned that even though others were experiencing a bull market, the account was losing value to the tune of $70,000!  Fast forward to the daughters finally looking at mom’s accounts and they learn that again in a bull market, the account was losing value.  Mom had picked her investments with the help of a friend and never looked again.  What may have been a good choice when she selected her investments, was no longer a good choice.  Now mom is ready to retire and she does not have enough.
Why am I sharing this story?  Now is the time to understand what you have and how to use it. Get more involved.  Log in!  Look!  Labels such as “low risk” aren’t enough.  Research your holdings and know more about them.
Do the same with your parents.
If you have an advisor, call them now and talk through your questions.  With everything that is happening in the world, it is vital to preserve the life and legacy that you and your parents have built.  We are here to support you in preserving your legacy.
If you need help answering these questions or want to discuss how to preserve your legacy visit our website at or call our office at 480-949-6500 to schedule a time to talk.  We normally charge $750 for a Family Wealth Planning Session but because we believe now is the time to start we are offering this free of charge to the first two families who mention this article.

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