There is a case pending before the US Supreme Court which is on the docket for October 2020.  Fulton v. City of Philadelphia.  A religious-based adoption agency had contracted with the City of Philadelphia and agreed to abide by its anti-discrimination laws.  Regardless, the agency refused to license same-gender couples as foster parents.  The City refused to renew their contract and the agency sued the City.  The lower courts found that the City’s regulation was not a targeted attack on religion.

Currently, 11 states allow state licensed adoption agencies to refuse to grant an adoption if doing so violates the religious beliefs of the agency.

Estate planning offers an option for same gender couples which can provide a non-biological parent protection without formal adoption.  Our Kids Protection Plan® allows couples to name short-term and long-term guardians.

And whether you are married, or in a domestic partnership, even with no children involved, it’s critically important you understand what will happen in the event one (or both) of you becomes incapacitated or when one (or both) of you dies. Proper planning can ensure your beloved is left with ease and grace, not a financial and legal nightmare that could have been avoided.

With our guidance and support, you can safeguard your partner or spouse so that they will be protected and provided for in the event of your incapacity or when you die, while preventing your plan from being challenged in court by family members who might disagree with your relationship.

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