Confidential Exclusion of Guardian

Instructions: Complete this document if you specified individuals that you do not want to raise your child(ren). You and your child(ren)’s other parent should each complete individual forms, which should be witnessed by two individuals. This form should be stored in a safe place to be accessed only by your chosen guardians, who should be instructed to present the documentation only if the “excluded guardians” petition the courts for custody of your child(ren).

If you have a Will, or if you are planning to execute a Will, make sure that your Will specifies that you have executed a Confidential Exclusion of Guardian in a separate writing and that your Will does not supersede your Confidential Exclusion of Guardian.

Attention residents of Vermont and New Hampshire: You must have three witnesses sign your forms. If you are a resident of Louisiana, you must have your forms notarized. Please sign them in front of a notary and ask the notary to attach a certificate of notarization.

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