Nomination of Guardian

Instructions: You and your child(ren)’s other parent should both complete individual forms, listing the same guardians. Store this completed form in a secure location where authorities can
find it should it be needed. Note that you should not store your forms in a safe deposit box.
You can elect to send copies of these forms to your potential guardians, though I recommend
against this as your alternate guardians might be hurt to discover they are your second or third
choice. Rather, send Form #2 to each potential guardian, including alternate guardians.

If you have a Will, or if you are planning to execute a Will, make sure that your Will specifies
that you have executed a Nomination of Guardian in a separate writing and that your Will does
not supersede your Nomination of Guardian.

Attention residents of Vermont and New Hampshire: You must have three witnesses sign
your forms. Please add an additional witness block (witness signature, witness name printed, and witness address, city, state, and ZIP code) and have a third witness witness your signature. If you are a resident of Louisiana, you must have your forms notarized. Please sign them in
front of a notary and ask the notary to attach a certificate of notarization.

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