Intellectual Property Audits: What Are They? Why Are They Important?

An intellectual property (IP) audit is a comprehensive review that identifies all of a company’s IP assets and then evaluates the potential risks and opportunities associated with those assets. It’s a systematic process that leaves no stone unturned for a company as it will review any:

  • patents

  • domain names

  • industrial design

  • confidential information

  • inventions

  • moral rights

  • database rights

  • works of authorship

  • service marks

  • logos

  • trademarks

  • design rights

  • business or trade names

  • commercial secrets

  • computer software

A thorough IP audit involves not only a review of a company’s IP assets, but also the company’s IP-related agreements, policies and procedures, and competitors’ IP.

In addition to identifying all of your IP assets, an IP audit helps ensure a company that it has all of the necessary protections to enhance or preserve an IP while correcting any defects in IP rights; putting any unused IP to work; identifying risks that a company’s products or services infringe another’s IP; and implementing best practices for IP asset management,

Together, the audit allows companies to fully leverage their IPs to ensure they get the maximum value possible from each asset.

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